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Gem Mining

Discover genuine gemstones as you sift a bag of sand in the water sluice.  5 bags to choose from in the gift shop.  

Cost: $10.95 - $39.99


Visitors stroll through an open field where kangaroos and emus roam freely.  Interpreters discuss the animals’ habits and habitats.

Cost: Included in Admission

Feed Cost is 1 Dollar

Petting a kanagroo
Lady in Lories - Austin Heuser - snipped

Land of Lorries

Visitors are able to go into a cage filled with Lorries. Lorries are free to fly right on you at anytime.

Cost: Included in Admission

Feed Cost is 1 dollar

Petting Zoo

Visitors are able to pet your typical farm animals including, Goats, Horses and Sheep.

Cost: Included in Admission

Feed Cost is 1 dollar

Petting Zoo.jpeg

Educational Programs

MOC - entrance.JPG
Jeremy and Cayman.JPG
Blossom sitting.JPG

Mammoth Onyx Cave

One of the easier caves in the area to get through, Mammoth Onyx Cave is an active limestone cave filled with dripstone formations.  Cave temperatures remain  58º year round.  Suitable for all ages. 144 stairs. Please bring appropriate footwear. 


Animal Show

3 to 4 exotic animals will be brought out. You will learn each of their backgrounds (where they come from, what they eat, etc..). 

Snake necklace 2 - Don Osborne.JPG

Woolshed Program

Its all about sheep!  Meet Blossom or one of our other herding dogs while they show you how to herd sheep.

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